Specification of Heavy Duty Cabin
Main StructureIs constructed all by steel sections designed to be top-hoisting with primer coating
Base KidIs fully welded with steel rectangular hollow section 1 1/2" x 2 1/2", 1 1/2" x 3" with primer coating
Column & BeamSteel square hollow section and 2" x 2" with prime coating
FloorIs made of 12mm plywood (WPF G1) reinforced with 2" x 3" hardwood timber at 18" interval finished with vinyl sheet
RoofIs covered with 0.7mm thickness steel plate reinforced by 1" x 2" steel section
Wall External wall using 0.8mm thickness steel plate full weld and reinforced with hardwood bracing 2" x 2"
Internal wall finish is laid with first grade laminated pvc plywood 3.0mm thickness with timber beading and skirting
DoorStandard 3'(W) x 7'(H) steel door complete with quality lockset
WindowNaco adjustable glass louver window 2'(W) x 3'(H) complete with security bars
ElectricalIs completed with 4'0" led tube lighting and wiring, switch point, 13A plug point, 15A wiring for air-conditioner, DB board C/W MCB and incoming box
SIZE OF STANDARD CABINSteel DoorNaco Window4' Light Tube13A Plug PointAir-cond. WiringSwitch PointBase Footing
20' x 10'(9' 8") x 8 1/2'1221116
30' x 10'(9' 8") x 8 1/2'1332216
40' x 10'(9' 8") x 8 1/2'2443228